About US
Join our vibrant community of local creators and access resources designed to elevate your show through our meetups.

At IN Podcasting, we're passionate about connecting Hoosier podcasters with the tools, knowledge, and networks to thrive. Build lasting in-person connections while discovering tools and people excited to share in the experience of creating for audiences.
Who Are We?
In February of 2024, a group of local podcasters met to discuss how they could create a supportive environment for aspiring and existing podcasters and content creators to meet and build community. The outcome is IN Podcasting, a quarterly meetup for podcasters, bloggers, graphic designers, videographers, media professionals, and anyone else who creates content online. Our ambassadors were present at that meeting.
What Do We Do?
As support grows, we are exploring other opportunities to connect, entertain, and educate podcasters in the Hoosier state, but our vision starts with a quarterly meetup to connect everyone, regardless of their experience level or background. We welcome anyone from those curious about starting a podcast to current pro podcasters. You can see a video of a previous event here.
What can you expect when you show up?
When you walk in, you'll be greeted by someone there to give you a lay of the land, and you'll be given a name tag. We color code our nametags to help foster conversation.

  • Green - "I'm an aspiring podcaster considering starting a show."
  • Blue - "I am a newer podcaster."
  • Yellow - "I am a veteran podcaster."
  • Event Ambassadors are in red name tags.
We leave out ice-breaking questions and then take 45-60 minutes to just chat like a typical meetup, and then we end with 20ish minutes of some training so you'll leave with a couple of new friends and some knowledge to make your show better!

We have no sponsors other than Patreon supporters and those providing direct services to make the event happen like a space provider or food sponsors, so don't worry, you won't be bombarded with the time-share version of a presentation trying to sell you something. Our speakers are selected from the community to help you.
What is an Ambassador?
Our ambassadors are present at every meetup to answer your questions as well as make introductions to others who can help you grow your show. Get to know our ambassadors, and feel free to say hi if you see them!
Chris Spangle
Podcasting and Platforms & The Chris Spangle Show
Chris has been podcasting since 2007 and hosts several shows ranging from podcasting (Podcasting and Platforms), current events (The Chris Spangle Show), history (History of Modern Politics), to comedy (The Patdown). He is also the Digital Director of the BOB & TOM Show and a podcast coach with Leaders and Legends, LLC. He was recently featured as a cast member of Ms. Pat Settles It on BET. Find his projects at Chris-Spangle.com.
KJ McGlinn
KJ TODAY, Pet Pals TV & KJ Media Company
KJ is a long time trusted media personality, TV producer, author, entrepreneur and mildly obsessed but not crazy cat expert.

After spending 13 years as an award-winning radio personality, KJ is no stranger to using her voice to better her community. Now, many people across the country know her as the Kitty Correspondent on the nationally syndicated show, Pet Pals TV, or as the founder of the Kinda Nerdy Girls podcast. She is also the President of the KJ Media Company.

She is the author of the book “Raised by Cats: Behind the Mic and the Meows” which was an instant Amazon #1 New Release in 2022 on National Cat Day. Visit her website at www.kjontheair.com.
Moni & Kat
F.A.B. Podcast
Moni and Kat are the Fake Ass Book Club aka the F.A.B. podcast. Join them every Wednesday 7:30pm EST as they discuss books, film, art, and pop culture. What started as an excuse for two friends to connect in spite of all the demands of adulting has evolved into a media platform used to learn and share the many talents in our Indy community. Visit their website here - linktr.ee/Fabpod.
Brandon Peters
The Brandon Peters Show & Popcon
Brandon Peters is the multi-award winning podcaster and host/producer of The Brandon Peters Show. Brandon and his work have been featured in such trades as Forbes, The AV Club and The Saturday Evening Post. A podcasting veteran for 12 years, he serves as the Moderator/MC for the Live Podcast Stage and as Commissioner of the Podcast Awards for the pop culture convention PopCon and recently has embarked on media contributions with Doctoberfest (A local Doctor Who celebration event). Brandon has appeared at HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival and frequently collaborates with the podcast Out Now With Aaron & Abe, The Earth 2 Podcast and local Indianapolis producing legend Brad Shoemaker (Creative Zombie Studios, Podcast Indy, Don't Flinch: A Horror Audio Drama Podcast). Learn more at thebrandonpetersshow.com and https://popcon.us/.
Dr. Brad Miller
Cancer and Comedy & PodINDY Conference
Dr. Brad Miller is the creator of the podcast "Cancer and Comedy: Healing Cancer Impacted People with Hope and Humor" (cancerandcomedy.com) and the driving force behind "PodINDY" Indiana's first in-person podcast conference for the independent podcaster (podindy.com).
Brittany Wilkins
The Coin: Black History on the Other Side
Brittany Wilkins is an accomplished author, engineer, and historian dedicated to living for a purpose greater than self. Britttany has been steadfast in her mission to increase the underrepresentation of women in STEM through advocacy and her published works Letters to My Sisters in Engineering . She has extended her advocacy into the podcasting sphere amplifying black voices and reshaping the narrative of black history. Brittany is not creating history, she is history! Learn more at HistoriansConnect.org.
Lauren Hunt
Podcast Manager & Airee Drones
Lauren Hunt is a podcast manager, a drone videographer, and a video editor for WISH-TV. Learn more at AirdeeDrones.com.
Jen Edds
The Brassy Broadcasting Company
Jen works with leaders and business owners to put them in the ears, heads, and hearts of their ideal clients. She helps them grow their influence and business by creating podcasts that deliver inspiration, education, and transformation through multiple channels. Learn more at BrassyBroad.com.
Garrett Poortinga
Green Hat Media & No Dishes: Bloomington
Learn more at garrettpoortinga.com.
Allan Haw
All INdiana Podcast Network
Learn more at Wishtv.com/podcasts.
Jeremiah Morrell
The Boss Hog of Liberty
Jeremiah Morrell is the longtime host of the Boss Hog of Liberty Podcast, "East Central Indiana's Favorite Podcast" which has become the go-to source for local conversation, based in Henry County Indiana. Known for their in-depth coverage of local government, businesses, and entertainment. They talk about real issues, but don't take themselves too seriously.

Jeremiah has served on a number of local boards, once ran a statewide campaign for governor, and ran for office a few times himself. He has 20 years of business experience in the bridge building industry. In his off time, he enjoys camping, motorsports, and travelling with his wife Sara and their two dogs. Learn more at www.bosshogofliberty.com.
Brian Nichols
The Brian Nichols Show
Brian Nichols is a podcaster and content creator focused on sales, marketing, and communication strategies. As host of The Brian Nichols Show podcast and YouTube channel, Brian teaches the fundamentals of effective messaging so listeners can better advocate for solutions.

With over 800 episodes, Brian has interviewed economists, business leaders, and political figures about news, current events, and cultural happenings. His goal is to help people connect where they are on the issues they care about.

When he's not recording episodes, Brian enjoys football, weightlifting, and spending time with his family. He lives in New Castle, Indiana with his wife and daughter. Brian also serves as the National Sales Development Manager for an AI-powered cloud contact center provider. Learn more at www.briannicholsshow.com..
Robert Vane
Leaders and Legends, LLC
Robert Vane, who served in the United States Army and hailed as “the great communicator” by influential and award-winning Indianapolis Star columnist Matt Tully, is the principal and founder of Veteran Strategies.
Since its formation in November 2010, Veteran Strategies has directed or contributed to the communications strategy and execution for some of Indiana’s biggest and most high-profile projects and initiatives.

In 2019, Veteran Strategies launched the “Leaders and Legends” podcast featuring interviews with prominent Hoosiers. Podcast guests include Governor Mitch Daniels, Governor Eric Holcomb, Mayor Greg Ballard, Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Mayor Bart Peterson, Allison Melangton, Jim Morris, Mark Miles, Jim Shella, Dan Elsener, and Maggie Lewis. Listen to the “Leaders and Legends” podcast here.

Robert is also the managing partner of the podcast consulting firm Leaders and Legends, LLC.
Sean Grady
The Environmental Transformation Podcast
Sean K. Grady is the host of the Environmental Transformation Podcast. He is a local Indy native and has 30 years of experience in the environmental field and uses his expertise and industry knowledge to bring listeners interviews with leaders in the Environmental Industry. The primary topics discussed on the podcast are sustainability, climate change, circular economy, technology and innovation, environmental issues, safety, and service providers that are transforming the industry. To learn more, visit our website at: seankgrady.com.
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